23 January 2010

to develop and nurturing the successful relationship

Making a relationship work smoothly is not always easy but it is not impossible. The problem usually arises when one takes the other for granted or have too many expectations. The following 25 tips are guidelines to help you delve into your own relationship and look at the possibilities of improvement.

1) Take time out to spend it in a meaningful way with your partner. Quality time is essential to rekindle your love and romance away from kids, family and friends.

2) Relationship needs security and warmth. This is only possible when each person understands the other and is willing to bend a little to accommodate their needs.

3) Love each other dearly but learn to give each other space.

4) Men are rarely able to express themselves as women do. They need more time alone to sort out their thoughts before expressing them. Understanding their needs helps to maintain harmony and respect.

5) Learn to appreciate and compliment one another.

6) Express the way you want him to arouse you. This helps him to understand your needs for intimacy.

7) Learn to be genuine in a relationship. This helps to sort out indifferences and misunderstandings.

8) Love one another with all their good traits as well as bad ones.

9) Be clear in your dealings with your better half. Avoid being resentful. If you had an argument, make up and avoid carrying the ill-feelings forward.

10) It is not a good idea to give your partner a hard time. It will instead make him more obstinate. The best way to accept his good qualities and ignore the ones you dislike.

11) Financial matters are usually the cause of conflicts. Learn to work on a budget and manage your investments jointly.12) Divide your domestic tasks so that both get a chance to manage and run the household successfully.

13) Parenting is a wonderful experience. Share your views and raise your kids together.

14) Learn to bring the passion back if you find a slump in it.

15) Don’t get tempted with one night stand. Remember your marriage vows and what he/she means to you before you give it all up just for adventure or a wager.

16) If you are bored with your partner, it usually covers up some form of anger. It is important that you find out the cause of it.

17) Always be positive and that rubs off on the family members. If he/she is feeling low, give him/her space before hovering over them with questions.

18) Avoid arguments. Don’t be harsh and say hurtful things which will haunt you later.

19) Being perfect all the time is not always possible. Make up for the time you have been nasty by commenting something sweet or hugging him/her.

20) Live in harmony by discussing your likes, desires and goals in life. In this way, achieving them together cements the relationship better.

21) Accept one another and don’t be bitter if he/she has a trait that you dislike. Learn to work around it.

22) Forgiveness is essential in a relationship. But if you find that you really cannot forgive a person then it is best that you move on and find someone else. Being resentful for the rest of your life is not good for the heart and soul.

23) It is important that you realize that the two of you will change and discover yourself as the years go by. You may think that you know him now but later he may not be the same person. So make it a point to find out if neither of you have changed your mind.

24) If the relationship is making you miserable like physical and emotional abuse. Then it is best that you break it off.

25) Seeking advice from counselors doesn’t always mean failure. Professionals know how to manage relationships and provide insights that you may have not considered before.

Every effort that is put in a relationship is never a loss. You will always reap its benefits in some form or the other. If nothing else, you will understand yourself better.

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