23 January 2010

things that you should never say to your girlfriend

There are certain things that you should never say to your girlfriend. Unless of course if your girl is a mind reader. Among the long list of things here are the top ten.

1) “She’s So Hot”- No matter how hot the girl walking in front of you, never say this aloud. It is natural to look but don’t gawk and drool. Even if your girlfriend comments on that girl’s look, don’t feel that is it your duty to partake in the comment. She may know that you do look at girls but don’t make it so obvious about how you feel inside when you stare at them.

2) “My Ex Would Never Do This” – Never compare the old with the new. Your girlfriend believed you when you said that you have moved on so why bring the ex back. Making statements like this will only start an argument and rest assured your girl will be fretting and fuming. But can anyone really blame her.

3) “You friend is so stupid” – Name calling your girlfriend’s friends will not get you anywhere. If you want to keep things in a good way, respect her the way she respects you. Sometimes keeping mum about friends is a good thing even if you really know that the friend is taking advantage then maybe you can take your girl aside and explain things with examples, rather than just blame and pointing fingers.

4) “Why do you love me? I am not good enough for you”- Girls like men with confidence. If you make statements like this then it will be a total turn off. Even if you don’t feel so, acting like it will make you more the man she wants you to be. She will feed your ego and breed real confidence that ultimately ends with you becoming a better person.

5) “If you really loved me you would…” – Putting conditions on her love for you is really very low. Smart guys don’t stoop this low. Be a man and ask her straight. That will get you a lot closer to what you want than trying such pathetic statements.

6) “You are so like your mother” – That is a good thing isn’t it? Well not always. Women do fear at times turning into their mothers. So saying this is not really good. You don’t know what the outcome will become.

7) “I’m not in the mood” – Women can use just about any excuse to put off sex. But if a guy says that he is too tired or just not up for a go, it rattles the very foundation of the relationship. Women think men are sexual deviants with a voracious appetite and your refusing it means something is definitely wrong. She thinks that she is no longer your sex kitten and you definitely are seeing someone else.

8) “I don’t like the outfit you are wearing” – If she is wearing it, she happened to like it enough to spend on it. Making statements like this not only brings her taste into question but it also leaves you looking like a backward, silly man. If you find her outfit too revealing for your taste, you can always explain how you feel and what you think will look good on her. You can take her shopping and show her the clothes you like which you think will compliment her.

9) “What have you done to your hair? It’s awful” – Women like experimenting with their looks and sometimes they don’t turn out as they wanted to. Instead of vocalizing it and giving her funny looks, you can be nice to her. She could be upset too, seeing the end result. So consoling her will only make her love you more.

10) “Don’t get emotional now” – It doesn’t take much to get girls crying. So don’t snap at her when she is emotional or crying. It is best to explain things, help her wipe away her tears and give her a comforting hug.

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