23 January 2010

sustained the relationship

There are no fixed formulae to manage, balance and sustain relationships. But we have to try our best to keep one. Changing or moving from one partner to another may seem fun in the beginning but such relationships have no depth and understanding. They are termed mostly as “one-night stands” or “no strings attached” relationships.

  • To be in a true relationship, there are real emotions involved and managing that needs work. The best way to start the foundation of a good relationship is to be truthful.
  • Frankness leads to prosperity as you will face less problems. Being honest about what you want is the best way to start influencing your relationship. Leaving no room for guess work, allows emotional security to your partner.
  • Manipulation comes in the way of those who don’t know what they are looking for in their relationship. This only complicates the matter and leaves room for conflicts.
  • A relationship is a partnership between two people. So you need to know what your partner wants in any situation. Once you have got a proper understanding of what you will have to “give” or “give up,” discussions will be better. It is difficult but true that it is not always possible to change your partner’s mind. It could be a petty issue or a life changing problem.
  • The aim shouldn’t be to have your way in every situation or winning an argument. Leave room for openness and allow your partner to speak his/her mind and be a party to the new change.
  • Important conversation shouldn’t be rushed or done when you are extremely tired. Interruptions in form of phone calls or discussing when your favorite soap is airing on TV are not the ideal way to resolve conflicts.
  • Listening is crucial. You need to hear what your partner thinks and feels as well to move towards a compromise. Ask them what they think about the problem at hand and whether there is anything that they might want to add to it.
  • His/her views are also important so that there is no dominance in the relationship but equal sharing. Relationships work when the partner persuades and not manipulates.

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