23 January 2010


Improvement is needed in everything we do, whether it is our appearance or even our relationship. Here are some tips to give your relationship a makeover.

1) Decide: You need to decide on three things you would like to improve about your relationship-whether it is more time together, better sex or a commitment to romantic gestures and work out what you both need to do to make that happen. He could come home early once a week and help you make a nice meal. Or you may need to be more specific about your expectations when it comes to housework and divide up the tasks so you are each responsible for different areas.

2) Practice: Learn to say “Sorry.” It doesn’t mean you were wrong, just that you are sorry your partner feels upset. A gentle apology can defuse a brewing argument and lays the groundwork for a calm chat. Of course, it is two-way street, so you must both agree to say sorry when you have hurt each other.

3) Time: In a relationship, time together doesn’t happen magically just because you live together, in fact it’s much easier to take each other for granted. You need to book in quality time. A date once a week, or a simple agreement that you will switch off the TV and catch up, will bring you closer and remind you why you fell in love. It can help to rule out stressful discussions about kids and money for the first hour and concentrate on your feelings.

4) Compliments: Research shows happily-married couples say five positive things for every negative comment. So make it a priority to compliment your partner everyday.

Relationships are delicate. It is important t

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