28 April 2011

What if....

If I died tonight,
Would anyone care?
Because as far as I can see,
No one's even aware,

Sure they know I'm a cutter,
And once, they did care,
They even stopped me from committing suicide,
But I know those thoughts just aren't there,

My girl called me a loser,
My family think i bring bad luck,
My friends dont show the same interest they once did,
And inside I'm so incredibly weak,

I'm not going to lie to you,
They talk and ask, "What's New?"
But can they just not see,
That soon my life might be through?

If I died tonight,
How long would it take to forget my name?
School, friends, family, and fun,
I'll just be another picture on the wall of shame,

If I died tonight,
Or maybe that "if" should be a "will,"
As I lay on the bathroom floor,
Blood from my wrists will continue to spill,

Would my girl still think I'm a loser?
Will my family still think i'am a bad luck?
Will my friends completely lose interest?
Or would they stay up, unable to sleep?

Will I commit suicide,
If things keep getting worse?
How long will I be able to stand,
On lifes cruel course?

I keep sinking into the dark,
Alone more and more,
Still I do cut,
I can't even answer "what for?"

I've become so very interested,
I keep staring at my wrists,
My mind keeps calling,
For that razorblades kiss,

How long can I keep this urge,
Down at bay?
A time will come when I will give in,
And suicide will come my way,

If I died tonight,
Would you even care?
Because as far as I can see,
You not even aware..-IM NOT THAT STRONG- 


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